Building Regulations Applications

One copy of this form should be sent to the appropriate council
Type of Application (Tick Appropriate)
Full Plans
Complete Section
A,D and E
Building Notice
Complete Section
A,D and E
Complete Section
A,D and E


For type Approval Application, Please refer to form TAO1

Section A to be completed for all Application
Applicant's Name and Address
Agent's name and address
Yes     No 
If an existing building, state present use
If an existing building, is it classified as listed or a protected building under the Relevant Planning Legislation?
Yes     No 

Additional Information
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Yes     No 
Yes     No 

SECTION B - Additional Information for a Building Notice (Small Domestic Works only)

SECTION C - Additional Information for Regularisation Certificate
Date on which the works were completed

SECTION D (Fees) - To be completed for all Applications
PLAN FEES - calculation Amount of Fee enclosed
1 Erection of no. new dwellings/flats/maisonettes (area less than 250m2)
Number of different plan types
2 Erection of a detached garage or carport not exceeding 40m2 (not exempt from Building Regulations)
3 Installation of an unvented hot water system
4 Extension or extensions of a dwelling not exceeding 20m2
5 Extension or extensions of a dwelling exceeding 20m2 but not exceeding 40m2
6 Extension or extensions of a dwelling exceeding 40m2 but not exceeding 60m2
7 Extension or alteration of a dwelling providing one or more rooms in the roofspace
8 Replacement of an existing combustion appliance in a dwelling
9 Installation or extension of a heating system in a dwelling
10 Installation of a Microgeneration Technology in or on an existing dwelling
11 All other works requiring an estimated cost of works Estimated cost of building works £
12 Erection of no. new dwellings (area more than 250m2) Estimated cost of building works £
Total Fee £

Yes     No 

SECTION E - (Declaration) To be completed for all applications

It is an offence under Article 21 (1A) of the Building Regulations (Northern Ireland) Order 1979 as amended to make false or misleading statements or to recklessly give a notice or certificate with an application.

Information provided as part of this application may be disclosed in response to a request under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 or the Environmental Information Regulations 2004.

The Council, to which you have submitted this application form, collects the data for the purposes of the Building Regulations. This data may also be passed to other related Government Agencies.

(Data Protection Act 1998).

I/We hereby submit this application under the Building Regulations (NI) 2012.

Applicant / Agent