What we do

Building Control Northern Ireland is a voluntary umbrella grouping of the Building Control Departments of the Eleven Local Councils.

Councils have a statutory duty to enforce the Building Regulations and the Group Units have a role, defined by statute, to monitor and co-ordinate the work of the Councils in their area, to ensure uniformity and consistency in the interpretation, application and enforcement of the Building Regulations within and between Groups across Northern Ireland.

Building Control is responsible for ensuring that the Building Regulations, a set of construction standards laid down by Parliament, are enforced in your local Council.

The standards include requirements on health, structural stability, fire safety, energy conservation and accessibility.

These standards are enforced through plan assessment and site inspection by impartial professionals with a thorough knowledge of The Building Regulations and other relevant British Standards, Codes of Practice and guidance.

When a building is completed Building Control will issue a Certificate of Completion once it is satisfied that all necessary Building Regulations have been adhered to.

Your local Building Control Department is there to offer you professional help and impartial advice on your project and to answer any queries you may have on regulatory issues.


A brief history of the building control

Other Services

Dangerous Structures, Street naming and postal numbering, Cinema licensing, Entertainment licensing.