Application Forms

Full Plans Application

The Full Plans application is required in order to obtain ‘Notice of Passing of Plans’ for the design shown on drawings. These maybe for the:

  • Erection of a commercial building or domestic dwelling
  • Alteration or extension to a commercial building
  • Erection of a domestic dwelling
  • Extension of an existing dwelling e.g. kitchen extension
  • Converting a loft within a dwelling e.g. extra bedroom
  • Change of a buildings use e.g. existing garage to a granny flat
  • Installation or alteration of services and fittings e.g. central heating appliance or replacement central heating systems

You can submit an application yourself or appoint someone to do it for you. Agents, such as Architects or Chartered Surveyors can handle all correspondence for you. This type of Building Control application must include the postal address of the property where the work is to be carried out, a description of the work and/or the use of the building, drawings for assessment together with the appropriate fee.