Amendments to Building Regulations

Amendments to Parts A,C, F and new Part M

Amendments to Building Regulations

Amendments to the Building Regulations to Part A (Interpretation and General), Part F (Conservation of Fuel and Power), Schedule 2 (Classes of exempt buildings) and in Schedule 3 Part A (Giving notices and deposit of plans) and Part C (Particulars to be given with an application for a type approval certificate)  together with the introduction of a new Part M (Physical infrastructure for high-speed electronic communications networks), Regulations 77A and 77B, with an associated Technical Booklet M  have been published by the Department of Finance.

The minor amendments – by way of clarifications to Part F came into operation on the 28th November 2016  with all the other amendments and the new part M coming into operation on the 1st January 2017.

This new Part M applies to all new buildings being constructed and to  buildings carrying out major  renovation works to existing buildings. In this particular instance, ‘major renovation works’ purely relates to the modification of a significant part, or all, of the entire in-building physical infrastructure.

The Legislation and Technical booklet M can be downloaded via the following links:

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